Plant Ally Workshop

Join me in the Andean and Native American Medicine Wheel gardens as we explore medicinal plant allies. 


What we'll do

We will begin with a teaching on place-based sacred plant medicine history and types of plants used for specific intentions.


We will discuss sustainable harvesting and alternatives to overharvested sacred plants such as white sage and palo santo.

We will visit the Andean and Native American Medicine Wheel gardens and explore what medicinal plants are planted there and their unique purposes. 


You will have private time to commune with the plants, practice "ayni" (sacred reciprocity) and gather fresh sprigs for your bundle.


We will make smoke bundles from homegrown and wild-harvested plants: Step by Step Instructions with Juniper, Cedar, Yarrow, Rosemary, Lavender and more!

We will intentionally create smoke bundles as we further discuss ways we may benefit from the medicine of the sacred plants for cleansing, purification, protection and more.


We will explore ancient ritual and ceremonial uses in various cultures around the world.

We’ll conclude our time together with a tea ceremony with delicious seasonal herbs from the garden.

You will leave with your own created bundle and material on plant medicine to continue this beautiful practice.