The Creative Process

Where does the process actually begin for artists? For me, it may begin in a dream, or a nightmare; on a mountain top, or during the steep, sweaty, uphill climb. Maybe the drive to work. Is it the journey or the destination that manifests it?

Fun fact: Historians agree that Leonardo da Vinci commenced the painting of Mona Lisa in 1503, working on it for approximately four years and keeping it himself for some years after.

I am currently working on my next hanging mobile. Trying to substantiate a clear vision of what I want to portray. But just like everything else, it's a process. As I sand and hammer and paint and file, the vision manifests on its own; with its intricacies that say so much to some, and nothing at all to others.

Many an artist have written about the journey of creating. It goes something like this: there's the idea or vision in your minds eye, the beginning steps of gathering supplies., the first few paint strokes, hammering, annealing, firing, etc., the mulling over and second guessing of the piece, the fine tuning and final details, and finally, you discover your magnificent creation.

Lets look at this step by step in an attempt to give readers insight on what an artist actually experiences and endures during the journey

- the idea in your minds eye -

You can see it. It may not be clearly defined, maybe its an abstract image in your mind. Something that excites you, something you want your audience to discover about the intimate, hidden parts of your soul.

- the beginning steps of gathering supplies -

Paint, colors choices, materials, found objects, cut outs; the options here are infinite.