This is your Ritual Box Bundle for manifesting and working with FERTILITY, CREATIVITY AND BIRTHING NEW IDEAS


The bundle includes the following:


  • Sterling and Argentium Silver Motherwort Sacred Plant Charm with bezeled Carnelian gemstone on an 18 inch stainless steel chain.
  • Homegrown and/or wild-crafted smoke bundle
  • 1 oz. Buttercup Flower Essence
  • 6 oz. Florida Water for cleansing energetic body
  • Wild-crafted Mountain Laurel leaves for cleansing and preparing sacred space
  • Carnelian gemstone for altar





Leonurus cardiaca


Motherwort is used for knowing the fullness and power of femininity and the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine. Used for centuries to heal mothers, and plays a supportive role for all womxn as they transition through all the seasons of life. Motherwort can be equated to the feeling of a mother’s embrace - calm, soothing, full of tenderness and warmth.

Carnelian boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality. Whether you are trying to conceive a baby or a new idea, Carnelian can help remove energy blocks in the sacral region and activate the kundalini energy coiled at the base of the spine, the seat of creation.


Buttercup Flower Essence

The healing message of Buttercup is that it is safe to come out and play. It’s a healing essence for those with low self-esteem or feelings of worthlessness. It serves as an energetic reminder to shine one’s individual light, no matter how seemingly insignificant it might be. It helps those who hide their light, and also those who feel they must shine more brilliantly than everyone in order to be recognized. A potent essence for inner-child work. It’s also great as a children’s remedy.


Flower Essences are used therapeutically to harmonize the body, mind, and the spirit. The essences are said to contain the life force of the flowers used to make them. Essences work vibration-ally, or energetic-ally, on a mental and emotional level to relieve negative feelings, encourage the healing process, and to balance the energy in the body. Remedies act swiftly for passing moods and there should be improvement very quickly, although it may take months to start to change a long-standing pattern. They address the emotional self, unlocking repressions, liberating negativity, and encouraging positive wellbeing.



Suggested Use:

  • Cleanse your personal energetic field with your Florida Water.
  • Prepare your space for ritual and ceremony by cleansing the room with smoke from your mountain laurel leaves.
  • Set the intention that you’d like to manifest and take the recommended dose of your flower essence remedy.
  • Hold space for your intention, bring attention to your affirmation, and light your smoke bundle daily.
  • Use the stone provided as an anchor for your intention at your home altar or carry it in your pocket as an omnipresent ally.
  • Wear your sacred plant medicine charm near your heart as an everlasting reminder of the divinely guided transformational journey you are on.

Motherwort Carnelian Sacred Ritual Box