Sacred Plant Medicine Charm


Argentium and Sterling Silver Pendant on a 18 inch stainless steel chain. Makers mark on the back. Sealed with museum grade wax to protect the patina.



Verbascum Thapsus


Mullein carries the energetic vibrations of the following qualities: Confront situations with confidence. Have courage to be straight with ourselves, to stand tall and take responsibility and release stagnant patterns of seeking authority outside of yourself. 


AVENTURINE- Strength, Confidence and Power for Career Abundance


Green Aventurine is excellent for attracting abundance & wealth. Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity” because it increases chances and luck. This comforting and secure energy gives us the confidence to move forward in life. To take risks, knowing that we will always be protected and safe.

Mullein Aventurine Sacred Plant Charm

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