Brass pendant necklace with rose cut chalcedony gemstone on 18 inch stainless steel chain.


Flowering Dogwood

(Cornus florida)


Flowering dogwood is an important native tree species with a rich history for indigenous peoples of the land I am in. All parts of the tree were used for many medicinal purposes.


It’s also got history in Catholicism- legend has it that dogwood tree wood was used to build the cross on which Jesus was crucified. The petals of the dogwood form the shape of a cross and the flowers in the middle resemble the crown of thorns.


As a nurturing stone, green chalcedony also heightens emotions associated with goodwill and fraternity. In groups, you will experience more efficient means of communication, which will ensure a better chance of stability for collective wellbeing and harmony.

Brass Dogwood and Chalcedony Pendant